Thursday, April 29, 2010


Alright, so the beginning of every month (the first to be exact) we do inventory. As time consuming and troublesome as it is, it's what keeps all our checks and accounting perfecto. There's something that we do on this day religiously..which I think is what secretly keeps us motivated..

The breakfast of Doomsday: SUBLIME DONUTS.

Okay, excuse me. If you haven't tried Sublime, located off 10th street, you're truly missing out. The good thing about having a good sized group of ladies working here, is that we can get quite a few different flavors and do sharesies. You know, so we can all have a tiny bite of each one. Not to mention every single month there's new ones to try! Today was Mint Chocolate. And of course there's regulars we can't miss.. like the A-Town Cream, Chocolate Wildberry Fritter, and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. My personal favorite is the Chocolate Mocha Cream one.. and anyone that knows me, can tell you I cannot lay off the coffee. Kamal Grant, you are a donut god.

And speaking of donuts...

We have a few of those cute as crap Fluffyco wallets left.. Come by and see em for yourself! Only twenty bones!

Enjoy this weather!
xo, jen

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