Sunday, April 25, 2010


This weekend it rained like crazy here down south and lucky for me I had just gotten some of my garden in the ground. I had a big problem with the lovely little ratties in my hood eating my tomatoes last year so... I came up with a new plan this year and they better watch out for Mr. Owlie and the screening that's gonna cut their little lips!

And to bring in with the theme of spring Kibbee Gallery is having an opening this saturday with one of our dear friends Julia Kubica and since they are so close you can walk from our opening, "Disaster Planning" to theirs! ha ha and I guess to bring it all around I was doing some "disaster planning" of my own with those rat proofing tomato cages.

"Sprout" is a drawing based exhibition that embodies the combination of organic imagery and delicate line work. Four artists: Kelly Cloninger, Katherine Gaddy, Julia Kubica and Pam Rogers create works on and with paper that explore landscape and environment, using botanical motifs to make the connection between self and nature.

7-10 this Saturday night!!

This awesome plant decor, made from recycled soda/beer cans, from Sloth Craft encourages all your bulbies to come out and these great tees from Happy Family will show your garden how much you love them-and we have them right here at YB!

** ps: Look at this awesome photo shoot we did with Scott Lowden last Friday!!**

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