Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lucha wins $10K * Mad Clout blog!

We are popping with proudness for our intern, Lucha Rodriguez! She is this year's winner of $10,000 and an art show at The Swan Coach House Gallery, awarded by a local organization that chooses an emerging artist of the year. Kelly is on the board and recommended Lucha as a candidate. The Forward Arts Foundation Foundation goes through a long and exacting elimination process; candidates are expected to be able to speak about their work and present an impressive body of work to board members at a studio vist.

Lucha is a hard-working artist who talks the talk and walks the walk. She was also one of the Savannah College of Art and Design students recently chosen to fly to the new Hong Kong SCAD to create an installation of her work! She is so deserving and we are so happy for her.

Kelly and I were talking yesterday about how Georgia legislators are currently considering a TOTAL cut of ALL funding for the arts in our state. Here is this small circle of women who founded the Forward Arts Foundation and who can come up with $10,000 a year for an Atlanta artist, yet THE STATE OF GEORGIA doesn't want to provide any assistance at all??? Give me a freaking break.

Lucha Rodriguez - is she cute or what?


Local Bboys and maestros of all things fonky, MadClout, has a new blog and I'm here to tell you about it! is an online hip hop archive devoted to the preservation and longevity of the culture. Documenting aerosol art and style writing around the world, Team Clout consists of Bboys and Bgirls, aerosol artists, DJs, MCs, Hip Hop aficionados!

I recently went to a MadClout event and was super thrilled to see tons of confident, young kids having a great time and breaking it down on the flo! Mendez was the ring leader and provided a super dope yet family friendly atmosphere. Keep up the good work, my man-dez! (Sorry...)

Follow the blog to stay updated on future art shows, break dance competitions and graff events.

A couple photos I took at the event:

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Mad love to my familia of friends til next time,

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Mr.MadClout said...

Big ups to our Young Blood Sistrens for helping maintain and manifest the art movement of The ATL.
Team MadClout