Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Doin' thangs!

A shorty but sweetie from Maggie who is pooped as a mug after a long day and is looking down the barrel of inventory tomorrow! Hard work, good sleep - right?

Tonight we set up shop at Lady Rogue Biz Network's monthly hootenanny. It was the first time they organized an underground market. Those ladies sure are growing on me, along with the other members. All I have to say right now is that I love Atlanta and I love our growing presence of independent business. CHURCH! PREACH! Amen.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

new friends!

bonjour pancakes!

it's a beautiful day. summer is shaping up nicely, although i'm not totally into boob sweat, i did spend the better part of winter talking about summer...and i'm already really looking forward to halloween...i run on a really twisted season schedule, ben-jammin (the hus) is constantly having to correct my seasonal references. he's nice like that.

speaking of fashion.

our friend brandy over at indie fashion addict finds some seriously adorable stuff...

i will take all three, please!

Reinvintage at Indie Fashion Addict
Disco Prism skirt from REiNViNTAGE.
Alice + Olivia Rainbow
Lexi Belted dress from Alice + Olivia.
David David at Indie Fashion Addict
Loose fit rainbow tee from David David.

of course, we have plenty of pretty, colorful things to brighten up your day, so when you're done exploring brandy's blog come by youngblood and get yourself (or a friend) something pretty and summery!

stay cool.


Monday, June 28, 2010

Southern Art?

Hey sorry I missed you guys on Sunday... but, I was at the beach! with all my bestie friends digging my toes in the sand and swimmin with the fishies.

Some of our best YB buddies are in a show next week at the Welch Gallery at Georgia State. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see what they come up with. Ben is one of our oldest friends and first YB intern that left us for San Fran boo hoo-but still shows his southern pride though is art work. John Paul and Stephanie had a show with us at the beginning of the year and our buddy Joey Orr is back in Atlanta from Chicago and we're excited to see what he's up to.
xo Kelly

Southern Art?

An Exhibition that Explores the Usefulness or Necessity for Such a Label

July 6 - 15, 2010: Exhibition Dates

July 6, 7 - 9pm: Opening Reception & Gallery Talks

Boat venom Gourd
Boat, Radcliffe Bailey Venom Dip, Ben Venom Limbic System, Tindel Michi

In this exhibition co-organizers Teresa Bramlette Reeves and Ben Goldman explore questions about the existence of something called “Southern Art.”

Does simply living and working in the South make one a “Southern Artist?” If one makes work about a particular location in the South, or engages in Bible belt philosophies or focuses on issues of racism and the legacies of the plantation economy, is she or he then a “Southern Artist?” Can an artist successfully incorporate Southern stereotypes and cultural icons without risk of being misunderstood? Are ideas about the South shaped by Southerners or are they imposed by others?

Participating Artists:
Radcliffe Bailey
Bethany Joy Collins
Stephanie Dowda
John Paul Floyd
Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier
Michi Meko
Joey Orr
Katherine Taylor
John Tindel
Lisa Tuttle
Ben Venom
Chris Walter

Georgia State University
Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery
10 Peachtree Center Ave
Atlanta GA, 30303.


Gallery Hours: Mon -Fri 10 am - 6pm

Free evening event parking at United Way parking garage at Courtland & Edgewood Ave.
Generous support provided by CENCIA (Center for Collaborative and Interntional Arts)

Friday, June 25, 2010


Hey ya'll!

Welcome to the quintessential Georgia summer. I have now been inducted for the year and welcomed by a celebration of ticks (trust me, you do NOT want me to go there!), skeeters and fresh blackberries. I am going to share with you a mini adventure of the Young Blood ladies Jen, Rebecca, and I accompanied by the lovely Jessie and Somer.

On Wednesday these gals and I went shooting at Rebecca's parents' place and had a blast. There are stories that would thrill and scare you, but until I receive permission, (for it would certainly by required in this instance) I'll just leave you with the knowledge of our badassed-ness and that we all had a great time. If you're facebook friends with us (YB) I'm sure wall photos of the adventure will be posted sometime so lurk us and check them out when they're up.

On a woodsy note, check out our new jewelry by Christine Domanic. Her branch necklaces utilized wood from a fallen Bradford pear tree in her yard so the tree could have new life on your lovely necks. I'm also particularly fond of the armadillo earrings.

Hope you all have fun things planned for the weekend, and remember, don't shoot yer eye out!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Caitlin Keegan!

Hello all!

We got some amazing new goodies in the shop today! I knew I'd be in love with Caitlin Keegan's products the second I read her bio and saw that she lives in Brooklyn with her "intern".. a dachshund named Ollie! A girl after my own heart! I've got a little dachshund mix myself, so maybe I'm a little biased. I mean this lady sounds seriously awesome- She went to Rhode Island School of Design, illustrated from everything from Playboy to Nickelodeon, and is originally from a small town in Connecticut known as 'Home of the Wiffle Ball'! Really? Yep!

Anyways look at what she sent!!

Knitting Mountain Print!

Silver and Gold Gloves!!

Horse Lady Print!

We also got in card sets, button sets, and many more prints! Come check it out!

And just in case you all were wondering what my little man, Hansel, looks like...

xo, jen

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


They asked to to write a blog post about Young Blood and we decided on a Southern theme. We're biased but we think it turned out RAD! And all the comments were so inspiring and helped give us a new appreciation for what an exceptional business we're in.

Click here or on the photo below to read it. :)

And now, a tribute to our dear friend, Mia Lowe, who left us last weekend for the Windy City. Mia is Miss Superskills and is one of the sweetest, most fun, bright rays of light we've ever had here at Young Blood. She was always up for any task, no matter how daunting or dirty and she always did it with a sweet smile on her face. We miss you already Mia, and Chicago is so lucky to have you!

Here we are wearing our new "friendship" necklaces made by Rust Creations , a new designer we are sooo excited about, whose creations are on the way!

Love yous!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Saturday July 1oth we open with "It Came from Left Field"!
Artists and long time buddies the Ming Donkey, Jason Baldwin and Herbert Rieth

are inspired by the underground comic book scene by way of Alabama, Vermont and Mississippi.

DONKEY found himself immersed in the art scene his entire life with an artist father who encouraged him to paint, draw and design on a regular basis. Check out this awesome stop animation he did of his little worker bees at play

Donkey will also be putting on a one man show during the opening between mixes by DJ Rob Wonder from Scion Radio

Baldwin found his start with skateboard designs and comic books, and today prints from Baldwin’s collection can be found at The University of Southern Indiana, and the Laurel Arts League, just to name a few. His pieces in the show are based on childhood stories, and each painting portrays a moment in time suspended separately from his past and present self.

Herb Reith stumbled into the art world by way of his punk rock band, and today expresses himself with uniquely painted fabric, as well as teaching art at the University of Alabama.

We'll also have surprise give away so make sure you come and check it out early!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

To Do List

Last night I went to check out "Lots and Parcels" an art show fundraiser for Burn Away.
I was one of the artists in the show and we got to pick a neighborhood to make a map of -it was a really fun project and great show!


They do a really great job a reviewing art around Atlanta and other interesting art relations like...
the new reality art show I'm addicted to-that's pretty horrible but fun to watch!

happy day to the father's out there!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

bonjour bebe(s)!

i think we can all agree that we have a really kick ass jewelry section here at young blood and we have a new designer to add to the mix!

ashley buchanan's work is as playful and unique as it is beautiful.
(and she's local!)

i love the victorian silhouettes.

her craftsmanship is exceptional. these are pieces you would surely love wearing until...well, infinity!!! (and beyond!)

come see!

hope everyone's enjoying their weekend so far!


Friday, June 18, 2010


I saw the sweetest thing today: a tiny wedding ceremony at the beach. The only people present were the bride and groom, their mothers, the preacher man, and a friend taking photos. The mothers laid out a cloth aisle for the bride to walk down, and of course some bikini-clad onlookers insisted on standing by and staring, somewhat detracting from the romantic ambiance. Nonetheless, this new family was precious; they were so anxious to get married the mother told mine (who of course had to go see if they needed help while the wind carried away their aisle) that a big reception was due for sometime in the future, but not tonight.

That's the bride in the background, and Mom's foot in the fore.
Iphones don't make good cameras--sorry.

Not long after, we witnessed a mockingbird family teaching a young out-of-nester how to theoretically catch his own food. The affair mostly consisted of the youngster cawing for more and the parents scrambling to gather it. It was pretty hilarious.

For YOUR nest, we have some new pretties, like felted hanging plant pods and some new stock of J. Richel's prints. And for your baby birds, plush robots by munaluna!

"Fungus Among Us" by Justin Richel.

MunaLuna's plushies!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love you, NY and hot damn, I'm home.

I just got back from one of the best trips I've taken to NY. For the first time, I had zero agenda other than catching up with friends. And shop and eat for things I can't find here. The food part... well, you already know they don't play in NY when it comes to delicious food. The most shopping I did was at a Goodwill but I did explore lots of cool shops that gave me the jolt of inspiration I needed here at YB.

Being a shop owner, I notice every little thing: the variety of designs of course, how they are tagged, how they are labeled, how everything is hung and arranged, price ranges, how the staff engages with customers, what types of things people pick up, how the store is laid out. The spaces were mostly really tiny and made me appreciate our fat kid of a shop.

I think my favorite shop was Catbird who carries beautiful jewelry lines by emerging designers, candles, and a few gifty items. If I had to choose a favorite restaurant I'd have to say Motorino where we ate spicy sopressata pizza and brussell sprout pizza. TRUST ME - it was sooo good!

Here are a couple quick pics from my trip. Should be interesting...

Loved this African market next door to my friend Matt's apt. in Harlem!

Now here is some handiwork:

I got so excited I had to touch this statue's weiner.

Motorino pizza before and about 10 minutes after:

NewYoricans have some serious pride.

I would have never found this bar if it weren't for Holly who wandered in
a few weeks ago. It was beautiful and I ordered the most expensive cocktail
I've ever had. It was amazing and worth it.

The unavoidable station and train shots.

Not sure what to say here.

I love you, NY and hot damn, I'm home.