Saturday, June 12, 2010

summer is a' coming

at 90+ degrees lately it's been easy to forget that it's not technically summer yet. it definitely feels like it. i'm shuddering at the thought that it's going to get even hotter! then again, 4 months ago i was dying for some warmer days, so i guess beggars can't be choosers.

i grew up in the georgia, so some of my most vivid childhood memories are from time spent outside in my yard sweating my booty off and then playing with the water hose, catching lightening bugs, drinking kool-aid, and running around in the fields of my great-grandparent's farm in south georgia.
in celebration of summer's coming, and of all the memories associated with it, i'm featuring some new stuff we have in the store!

oh little rabbit
is jason and cara from oregon

i really love their clean style and eco-conscious practices.
and mason jars on towels and bags?
yes, please.

love their packaging!

revolver/daisy tote!

mason jar kitchen towels printed on organic cotton!

and this adorable mason jar tote! i had to snatch one of these! freakin awesome!

come by and see in person!!


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