Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last night I went and checked out our friend Matt Relkin's show opening up at Beep Beep Gallery. I knew it was going to be amazing but, I loved the new work he was working on and the space looked great! If you have a chance to check it out before it comes down please please do! There are still a few pieces available including this one above. I have always been impressed with this percise line work and masking -Matt had a show with us a couple years back and we have a little hidden tower of his still painted on our wall in the small art room in the back of the gallery-

before the opening John (BF) and I ate at one of our favorite indian spots- currently named Madras Grill -(Vatica being our top but it's in Smyrna so doesn't happen all the time)
Madras has gone through lots of changes but has kept the same menu so we keep going back.
Started out as Bolly Wood then for some reason Madras Saravana Bhavan (MSB known by most)
that was in the same shopping center split and now is Just Saravana Bhavan and they re-named Bolly Wood Madras Grill ( I think there was even some other names before the grill) but I gave up and just went to whatever it was called as long as they kept the same yummy menu! whoosh sorry if anybody can explain the mystery I'd love to know. oh and also why there are now 2 Saravana Bhavan in the same shopping center.

ps it's hot as crap here-help!
xo kelly

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