Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shout outs to our Peeps!

Well I'm recovering from a great extended birthday week with a mini beach trip, yummy food at Sound Table and Miller Union, a bbq with awesome peanutbutter chocolate cake and lots of lovely presents for Frances and I. I have great friends-thanks ya'll.

So I wanted to give some shout outs today to two great artists we've worked with that have some awesome stuff going on.
Derek had a show with us our first year in our new space and it was one of our bests yet!
Here are some shows he's involved in coming up and lots of new press too!

group show: "Trophy Room" @ 5 points art house, San Francisco.
Reception June 3rd (next Thursday)
I will have one piece but I promise it will be epic! over 9 feet tall, 14 figures in one sculpture, pure sensationalism! (not really) But it is the most ambitious and intiricate single piece I have made to date. sneak peak

I am pleased to announce that I am currently working and showing with London Miles Gallery in London England, check them out:

A solo show at Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, FL. The show will be on view during Miami Art Basel, and will produce a catalogue for the show. More information on this show to come.

And Ben was our very first intern... awww and great friend and artist!!

Check out his latest interview with Meighan O'toole... she runs My Love for You is Like a Stampede of Horses Blog.

have a great memorial day weekend!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

happy happy...yay kelly!

today is the happy happy birthday of kelly!!
(and frances!)


(another freakin sickeningly adorable cuteoverload find!)


Art is...

"Ciphers and Constellations, in Love with a Woman" by Joan Miro, 1941.

Hey guys,

Many times I've heard the argument between artists and viewers, museums and visitors, the pretentious and unpretentious (you get the idea) about what constitutes "art". It's funny to me that because someone doesn't like a piece, they are more likely to claim that it is not a work of art because it is: too simple, too abstract, an odd medium or basically because the artist isn't dead yet. I don't care how you feel about Duchamp (I'm kind of apathetic, but like that "the fountain" was displayed as a response in part to the pretentious art sphere of the day) or Rothko (abhor him beyond all reason), but I've come up with a decent analogy in response to those off the cuff assertions about art and non-art.

The way I see it is this: Lots of people bake cakes and cookies from mixes (guilty), but just because the cook didn't slave over/make it from scratch doesn't mean the consumer claims it's not food, or good for that matter. I feel to some extent that the same goes with art. It's a pointless argument, but because one doesn't see work that they feel is a masterpiece, whether because of the time involved, the artist's living existence or subject matter doesn't mean it isn't art. When I eat a delicious cookie from a betty crocker mix, I don't complain that it's not food, but I may not call it gourmet. Maybe it's not a masterpiece, or maybe it is, but as far as I'm concerned food is food and art is art.

Now for some of my favorite Young Blood artists! (and don't worry, I've never heard any arguments regarding their artistic value) A very select few of my favorites include: Cooper Sanchez, Danielle Distefano (also an Atlanta tattoo artist who does wicked awesome work) and jewelry artist Erica Weiner.

I hope that spiel was somewhat thought-provoking, and cheers to the start of your weekends!


Thursday, May 27, 2010

New Creative Loafing Boxes

Hey people! Jen here.

So, I just got wind that Creative Loafing is revamping their entire print publication and it will be officially launched June 10th.. New designs coinciding with their website redesign! This is super super exciting to us.. as there will be new Creative Loafing boxes made by local artists we hold near and dear to our little hearts! R. Land, Lucha Rodriguez (our former intern!!), Baxter Crane, and the Paper Twins.. Just to name a few!

I'm so excited to see what these ladies and gents have up their sleeves.. They never cease to amaze me! I mean, check out this freaking awesome putt putt golf hole R.Land designed for a recent Adult Swim Block Party..

and the Paper Twins are always up to something crazy! Check out this photo from their recent opening at Mint Gallery..

(Photo Cred: Mike Germon)

As many of you Atlanta locals know, Creative Loafing had been feeling the economic pressure lately and it makes me so happy that their pushing on and providing good digs for the community! AND if you pick up the most current issue.. Our buds over at WonderRoot are featured in the main article about Atlanta's new grassroots art movement.. and long-time Young Blooder, Joe Tsambiras did the cover art! IT LOOKS RAD!

Til next time,


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What are your favorite local farmers markets?

Last night my friend Shana and I enjoyed a beautiful Spring night outside. We had a porch beer then made dinner together. We talked about love and relationships, our unrealized abilities to live the lives we really want, and FOOD!

We talked about how easy it is to overeat and about calorie counting. She's done it in the past and I started doing it last weekend using "MyPlate" on We both felt corny about it in a way because we don't want to fall into the beauty standards trap but then again, what could be more healthy than taking control of what and how we eat? And I've already noticed a new appreciation for food. When I know I only have 500 calories to go, I really savor that taco/popsicle/beer.

Shana has a no fast-food policy and is really good about supporting local Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs).

She likes the East Atlanta Village Farmer's Market and always hits up the Love Is Love booth for organic veggies and H&F Bread Co. , brought to you by the good folks at Holeman Finch. I went last week and bought some amazing cheese from Antico Mercante and ate the whole 1/2 pound within hours. (By myself, thus the calorie counting.) They even had a pizza oven set up which I will be molesting next time.

What are some other good markets around town? What are your favorite products sold there?
Let us know and maybe we can carry them here at Young Blood!

I will end with a precious photo of two precious people, my godson, Noah and his dad, Rick. The photo was taken by one of my most amazing friends of all time, Nelda who sent me the pic since she bought their tees here at the shop. These three have the closest thing to an in-town FARM that I have seen. When I go to their house I feel like a kid in a candy store except all the candy is sky high in nutrients. You name it, they grow it, right in their front yard. Hey Nelda - when's my next cooking lesson?


Tees by Happy Family :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tybee Time!

One of my favorite places in all the world is Tybee Island, GA. It's one of those gems of a beach that still hasn't been taken over by huge developements and still has that feel like it's been stuck in time for the last 30 years. I've been going there for years with friends and family and I'm headed down tomorrow a.m to meet up with my mom, sis and her kids. I'll have my 3 dogs in tow dont' you worry.
We carry Atlanta Vintage Travel prints and cards in our shop and he knows about Tybee and Savannah as well!

Also Atlanta band Little Tybee likes it as well.
Little Tybee is a small but enchanting Barrier island off of the coast of Savannah, GA, whose tidal beaches are said to delicately blanket a scuttled atomic bomb that has been missing for over 60 years.

x0 and beach kisses
please no jellies!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

painted ladies

samedi heureux!!

c'est moi! rebecca!

i hope everyone's having a wonderful day!

today we had a visit from the adorable valerie pensworth and husband!

she's a native atlantan who now lives in lovely portland!

check out her lady paintings for sale at young blood now!


'eliza' and 'oval #2'

'relying on signals'

they came in with some delicious king of pops 'ice pops' (as jen says ;)) and we couldn't resist getting our own! banana pudding is the jam!!

talk soon!


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emily Wood!

Hello all! Jen here!

This post is dedicated to our good friend over here at Young Blood, Miss Emily Wood! Emily's been supporting not only Young Blood for years now.. always coming out to all of our openings and stocking up on handmade jewelry..but she has also been a big part of the community.. volunteering her time and brains to WonderRoot, MINT, and Beep Beep Gallery! She set her sails this morning and is venturing out to Yellowstone National Park to pretty much be a cowgirl and get paid for it (dreamy right??). We couldn't be prouder and happier for her! But we'll definitely miss seeing her pretty face over here, always bringing good conversation and funny stories!

We can't thank you enough Emily for being such a loyal friend and Young Blood patron! Atlanta will definitely miss you and be sending you plenty of letters! We know you'll continue to be the badass you are out there!

xo, jen and all of YBG

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrity sighting of the week at YB!

Somebody is a little star struck today and that somebody is me! The one and only buff badass herself, Mz. Jillian Michaels, came in the shop today!

Three ladies came in and one was especially vocal and funny (with her cute little trucker hat) and just a little bit cocky talking about her Camaro - but how could you not be cocky when your Jillian freaking Michaels with all that power and serotonin flowing through your blood? We talked ish about vintage Chevy's and the Starlight Six Drive-In and anyway, she was buying a sweetheart pin by Brooklyn Rehab and I was giving them the scoop on area restaurants with stiff drinks and realized she looked familiar. It all came together when she handed me the black AMEX and I noticed her name. They were in town from LA for the day, and were so nice and had lots of nice things to say about Young Blood. :)

I immediately texted my friend Pepin who does Jillian's work-out videos with me in our living rooms (what? you don't do that?) and her response was, "Kick her in the face for me and check to see if she's really a robot". Now Jillian, if you happen to read this don't think we don't love you but you have to accept a little cussin because your workout is by far one of the most gut-wrenching ones I've done and I've experienced multiple decades of work outs starting with Jane Fonda which should tell you how long I've been at it! But it's also the most effective work-out using circuit training if you're like me and want to maximize the little work out time you have. Anyyyyyways, I'm really dorking out here so I'm going to sign off now but big fatty props to a powerful young woman doin her thang!


Are you kidding me with these external obliques??

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Fling...

So I finally broke down and turned on my air this weekend. I hate that in Atlanta we barely have a month between turning off our heat and on our air, but we at least had a little extended spring for a minute. I took advantage of the sun yesterday and hung out with an old friend of mine that was visiting in town for the day and we tried to cram in as much of Atlanta as possible in the 7 hours we had-and I think we did pretty good. We started off with a little walk with the puppies then right into breakfast at Ria's Bluebird with the best pancakes in the world... yum.

We then went over to Kirkwood for their Kirkwood Spring Fling where we saw lots of awesome artists and I wished that I had had room for a veggie corndog. After we left we got some coffee from San Francisco Coffee (please hurry up and open the location by us!!) and brought some coffee treats to Jen and Rebecca who were working at YB-after doing some print shopping my friend picked out two ( Jusin Richel and Roll and Tumble Press) and we headed over to Highland Row Antiques and picked up some vintage owl salt and pepper shakers that his kids couldn't break,tried to visit with our friend Tommy at Videodrome and got a treat at King of Pops (new fave honeydew lime zest-wooah. It was a full day not to mention our trip to Ikea to get frames for his prints.

After saying goodbyes I topped off my evening celebrating my friend Shana's b-day at Oakhurst Community Garden's "Martinis in the Park. There was some lovely snacks and drinks and visits with the chickens.

There was also a b-day celebration that night for our friend Cooper who lives in the most amazing house ever complete with meadow. We carry some of Coopers art at YB!! ok now if only I could have a nap. xo Kelly

Saturday, May 15, 2010

yes ma'am

happy saturday, once again!

it's rebecca. i hope everyone is enjoying their weekend!

so, i'm not sure if it's this (semi)hot weather or the fact that my favorite aunt (who wore blue nail polish ) told me from the time i was a little girl, that i was related to pocahontas, but lately (and always) i've been digging all the native american inspired design/art. When I was a little girl and my parents took me to the mountains, it never failed, i NEEDED a little native american dolly, complete with cow hide outfits, feathers, and beads. i also needed tomahawks, moccasins, bead necklaces, and l(f)eather headbands.

with that in mind, feast your eyes upon our inspired treasures!

cone incense holder by masa sasaki

'fresh blood' by aubrey longley-cook

birds of prey wallet by fluffy co

headdress tee by no wire hangers

woodland chic deer set by brooklyn rehab

earrings by stone&honey

I'll leave you with the end of a Haudenosaunee "Thanksgiving" Prayer

"We have now arrived at the place where we end our words. Of all the things we have named, it was not our intention to leave anything out. If something was forgotten, we leave it to each individual to send such greetings and thanks in their own way.

Now our minds are one."


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

Whoa guys. There's seriously a lot going on this weekend in Atlanta! Need some refreshers? Welllllll, here you go!

This Friday, the 14th, at Get This Gallery! Andy Moon Wilson will be having his second solo show with them, titled "Laserwarrior"! Okay and get this (haha), he drew 588 four inch by four inch drawings to install for this thing! YEAH SERIOUSLY.

Next on the agenda.. Be sure to check out our brothers at Beep Beep Gallery! They have a new show opening up Saturday, the 15th... Featuring a whole slew of artists we loooove working with here at Young Blood! Andrea Sanders, Dorothy Stucki, Joy Phrasavath, and our lovely recent intern Lucha Rodriguez.. Just to name a few! Each artist was given four various sized pieces of watercolor paper for them to do as they will.. I'm not missing this.

AND do NOT forget to come out to Blue Tower Gallery on Saturday too! Our buds over at WonderRoot are throwing a fundraising event, and there's not a place I would recommend supporting more than WonderRoot. They are constantly outdoing themselves by pouring some good old fashioned love into Atlanta. Silent auctions, artist market, live music and performances, and BBQ. NOTHING wrong with all that.

Go get your walkin shoes ready and we'll be sure to see you around this weekend!

xo, jen

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I went to the Beehive Co-op's new location this week and it was AWESOME! Beehive is the store in Atlanta that we have the most in common with (they sell all hand made items too, but theirs are all local or regional - here is their mission if you want to learn more. ) and it was so nice to see what they are up to! They moved to the Edgewood Shopping Center and the new space is beautiful and BIG with plenty of wiggle room for a relaxing yet stimulating shopping experience. I love seeing how other boutiques display their items and Beehive does a bang-up job. They have beautiful gift items such as hand made soaps, clothing, and gorgeous jewelry.

I got to meet two of the owners, Kanani Whack and Preeti Ayyangar, and they were really nice and helpful. It's inspiring to see another business succeeding at a similar dream! Our very best wishes go to the ladies of Beehive; we wish you all the success in the world, all over the world!

Big love until next Wednesday,

Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's day to all the mommas out there... I spent the afternoon with my mom and sis and her family out in the country today and it was such a nice crisp springy day to be outside feeding the horses,donkey and goat. I even got John (my BF) to feed the horses, he was really interested in petting the donkey "Mac", though he wasn't haven' it. My mom has been a really big support for Maggie and I from the birth of Young Blood and has always encouraged us-and we love her for that.

mom and pop frances (Amelie and (RIP) Bruno)

Frances (aka Frankie) one of my babies birthday is coming up and it made me thing of her momma-and even though she tried to eat her the last time they met I know Frances loves her deep down.

SO to all the mommas out there WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks Stephanie's mom for letting her work today so we could hang with our mom's -I know she'll make it up to ya...

Saturday, May 8, 2010

beach baby

happy saturday!
it's rebecca, the new ybg lady!
i'm super excited to be here!

last weekend i got to spend a long weekend in amelia island, florida which was a seriously needed trip after another semester. the annual shrimp festival was in town and there were so many cool antique booths with tons of treasures to be found! after such an exhausting(!) treasure hunt, it was time to soak up some rays on the beach (spf 70, thank you very much!). nothing is more relaxing to me than a nice warm sit on the sand. the sounds of gulls and that crisp salty air...ahhhhh its not hard to be inspired by something as beautiful as the ocean, and taking a look around the shop i notice some of our artists got some ocean love too! check it...

i am totally in love with this bivalve necklace by erica weiner.

and this new squid grid bowl by megan ramsey (from atlanta!) is perfect for an apres sun bowl of ice cream!!

sometimes the sea breeze gets a little pushy and these hair pieces are perfect for keeping it classy while lounging or strolling on the sand! front: painting the roses red bow by blue eyed freckle (atlanta!) back: ivory ruffle headband by monkey & squirrel

these tiles from pacific blue tile seriously make me want to cook just so i can use a hot plate! (and the hus would probably appreciate anything that would get me in the kitchen more often)

these nautical looking wallets by ducttuff are super cool, dudes.

for the petit bambinos, an adorable little forest friends tee, by too many suitors is perfect cover from the sun.

and ok, so this isn't exactly sea-ish...but this dude looks a little windswept...maybe from sailing?? and "vacation"! for real these journals from ex libris are supa-dupa.

lastly, if you can't exactly get away, do yourself a favor and shower off with some handcrafted soap by sudstress. the healing waters and emerald isle bars are more than capable of putting the ocean bug at bay until you can get there.

side note: there's still time to grab your mama something special! come on in-she did hatch you after all!

talk soon!