Sunday, May 30, 2010

Shout outs to our Peeps!

Well I'm recovering from a great extended birthday week with a mini beach trip, yummy food at Sound Table and Miller Union, a bbq with awesome peanutbutter chocolate cake and lots of lovely presents for Frances and I. I have great friends-thanks ya'll.

So I wanted to give some shout outs today to two great artists we've worked with that have some awesome stuff going on.
Derek had a show with us our first year in our new space and it was one of our bests yet!
Here are some shows he's involved in coming up and lots of new press too!

group show: "Trophy Room" @ 5 points art house, San Francisco.
Reception June 3rd (next Thursday)
I will have one piece but I promise it will be epic! over 9 feet tall, 14 figures in one sculpture, pure sensationalism! (not really) But it is the most ambitious and intiricate single piece I have made to date. sneak peak

I am pleased to announce that I am currently working and showing with London Miles Gallery in London England, check them out:

A solo show at Florida Atlantic University in Jupiter, FL. The show will be on view during Miami Art Basel, and will produce a catalogue for the show. More information on this show to come.

And Ben was our very first intern... awww and great friend and artist!!

Check out his latest interview with Meighan O'toole... she runs My Love for You is Like a Stampede of Horses Blog.

have a great memorial day weekend!


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Kelly, that's awesome! Congratulations!