Thursday, May 20, 2010

Emily Wood!

Hello all! Jen here!

This post is dedicated to our good friend over here at Young Blood, Miss Emily Wood! Emily's been supporting not only Young Blood for years now.. always coming out to all of our openings and stocking up on handmade jewelry..but she has also been a big part of the community.. volunteering her time and brains to WonderRoot, MINT, and Beep Beep Gallery! She set her sails this morning and is venturing out to Yellowstone National Park to pretty much be a cowgirl and get paid for it (dreamy right??). We couldn't be prouder and happier for her! But we'll definitely miss seeing her pretty face over here, always bringing good conversation and funny stories!

We can't thank you enough Emily for being such a loyal friend and Young Blood patron! Atlanta will definitely miss you and be sending you plenty of letters! We know you'll continue to be the badass you are out there!

xo, jen and all of YBG

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Maggie said...

AWWWW! It's so true! We're gonna miss you, Emily! Thanks for all the support and I'm so proud of you for following your heart! PLEASE keep us updated. Maggie