Sunday, May 16, 2010

Summer Fling...

So I finally broke down and turned on my air this weekend. I hate that in Atlanta we barely have a month between turning off our heat and on our air, but we at least had a little extended spring for a minute. I took advantage of the sun yesterday and hung out with an old friend of mine that was visiting in town for the day and we tried to cram in as much of Atlanta as possible in the 7 hours we had-and I think we did pretty good. We started off with a little walk with the puppies then right into breakfast at Ria's Bluebird with the best pancakes in the world... yum.

We then went over to Kirkwood for their Kirkwood Spring Fling where we saw lots of awesome artists and I wished that I had had room for a veggie corndog. After we left we got some coffee from San Francisco Coffee (please hurry up and open the location by us!!) and brought some coffee treats to Jen and Rebecca who were working at YB-after doing some print shopping my friend picked out two ( Jusin Richel and Roll and Tumble Press) and we headed over to Highland Row Antiques and picked up some vintage owl salt and pepper shakers that his kids couldn't break,tried to visit with our friend Tommy at Videodrome and got a treat at King of Pops (new fave honeydew lime zest-wooah. It was a full day not to mention our trip to Ikea to get frames for his prints.

After saying goodbyes I topped off my evening celebrating my friend Shana's b-day at Oakhurst Community Garden's "Martinis in the Park. There was some lovely snacks and drinks and visits with the chickens.

There was also a b-day celebration that night for our friend Cooper who lives in the most amazing house ever complete with meadow. We carry some of Coopers art at YB!! ok now if only I could have a nap. xo Kelly

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