Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What are your favorite local farmers markets?

Last night my friend Shana and I enjoyed a beautiful Spring night outside. We had a porch beer then made dinner together. We talked about love and relationships, our unrealized abilities to live the lives we really want, and FOOD!

We talked about how easy it is to overeat and about calorie counting. She's done it in the past and I started doing it last weekend using "MyPlate" on We both felt corny about it in a way because we don't want to fall into the beauty standards trap but then again, what could be more healthy than taking control of what and how we eat? And I've already noticed a new appreciation for food. When I know I only have 500 calories to go, I really savor that taco/popsicle/beer.

Shana has a no fast-food policy and is really good about supporting local Community Supported Agriculture (CSAs).

She likes the East Atlanta Village Farmer's Market and always hits up the Love Is Love booth for organic veggies and H&F Bread Co. , brought to you by the good folks at Holeman Finch. I went last week and bought some amazing cheese from Antico Mercante and ate the whole 1/2 pound within hours. (By myself, thus the calorie counting.) They even had a pizza oven set up which I will be molesting next time.

What are some other good markets around town? What are your favorite products sold there?
Let us know and maybe we can carry them here at Young Blood!

I will end with a precious photo of two precious people, my godson, Noah and his dad, Rick. The photo was taken by one of my most amazing friends of all time, Nelda who sent me the pic since she bought their tees here at the shop. These three have the closest thing to an in-town FARM that I have seen. When I go to their house I feel like a kid in a candy store except all the candy is sky high in nutrients. You name it, they grow it, right in their front yard. Hey Nelda - when's my next cooking lesson?


Tees by Happy Family :)

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John said...

My favorite markets:
I Twit:

You can sell peaches at Youngblood. They are not organic, but they are sustainably grown and the least amount, if any, pesticide exposure. They waaay surpassed the EPA limits when analyzed. And they are super healthy and tasty. John