Thursday, May 13, 2010

Weekend Fun

Whoa guys. There's seriously a lot going on this weekend in Atlanta! Need some refreshers? Welllllll, here you go!

This Friday, the 14th, at Get This Gallery! Andy Moon Wilson will be having his second solo show with them, titled "Laserwarrior"! Okay and get this (haha), he drew 588 four inch by four inch drawings to install for this thing! YEAH SERIOUSLY.

Next on the agenda.. Be sure to check out our brothers at Beep Beep Gallery! They have a new show opening up Saturday, the 15th... Featuring a whole slew of artists we loooove working with here at Young Blood! Andrea Sanders, Dorothy Stucki, Joy Phrasavath, and our lovely recent intern Lucha Rodriguez.. Just to name a few! Each artist was given four various sized pieces of watercolor paper for them to do as they will.. I'm not missing this.

AND do NOT forget to come out to Blue Tower Gallery on Saturday too! Our buds over at WonderRoot are throwing a fundraising event, and there's not a place I would recommend supporting more than WonderRoot. They are constantly outdoing themselves by pouring some good old fashioned love into Atlanta. Silent auctions, artist market, live music and performances, and BBQ. NOTHING wrong with all that.

Go get your walkin shoes ready and we'll be sure to see you around this weekend!

xo, jen