Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Celebrity sighting of the week at YB!

Somebody is a little star struck today and that somebody is me! The one and only buff badass herself, Mz. Jillian Michaels, came in the shop today!

Three ladies came in and one was especially vocal and funny (with her cute little trucker hat) and just a little bit cocky talking about her Camaro - but how could you not be cocky when your Jillian freaking Michaels with all that power and serotonin flowing through your blood? We talked ish about vintage Chevy's and the Starlight Six Drive-In and anyway, she was buying a sweetheart pin by Brooklyn Rehab and I was giving them the scoop on area restaurants with stiff drinks and realized she looked familiar. It all came together when she handed me the black AMEX and I noticed her name. They were in town from LA for the day, and were so nice and had lots of nice things to say about Young Blood. :)

I immediately texted my friend Pepin who does Jillian's work-out videos with me in our living rooms (what? you don't do that?) and her response was, "Kick her in the face for me and check to see if she's really a robot". Now Jillian, if you happen to read this don't think we don't love you but you have to accept a little cussin because your workout is by far one of the most gut-wrenching ones I've done and I've experienced multiple decades of work outs starting with Jane Fonda which should tell you how long I've been at it! But it's also the most effective work-out using circuit training if you're like me and want to maximize the little work out time you have. Anyyyyyways, I'm really dorking out here so I'm going to sign off now but big fatty props to a powerful young woman doin her thang!


Are you kidding me with these external obliques??


Lillian, Criminal Records said...

Wow, Maggie! That is seriously awesome. :)

Kristen said...

haha, that's awesome!

intownjulie said...

You shoulda kicked her butt. Damn she sucks with all that muscley-cut-goodness.