Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tybee Time!

One of my favorite places in all the world is Tybee Island, GA. It's one of those gems of a beach that still hasn't been taken over by huge developements and still has that feel like it's been stuck in time for the last 30 years. I've been going there for years with friends and family and I'm headed down tomorrow a.m to meet up with my mom, sis and her kids. I'll have my 3 dogs in tow dont' you worry.
We carry Atlanta Vintage Travel prints and cards in our shop and he knows about Tybee and Savannah as well!

Also Atlanta band Little Tybee likes it as well.
Little Tybee is a small but enchanting Barrier island off of the coast of Savannah, GA, whose tidal beaches are said to delicately blanket a scuttled atomic bomb that has been missing for over 60 years.

x0 and beach kisses
please no jellies!

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