Saturday, May 8, 2010

beach baby

happy saturday!
it's rebecca, the new ybg lady!
i'm super excited to be here!

last weekend i got to spend a long weekend in amelia island, florida which was a seriously needed trip after another semester. the annual shrimp festival was in town and there were so many cool antique booths with tons of treasures to be found! after such an exhausting(!) treasure hunt, it was time to soak up some rays on the beach (spf 70, thank you very much!). nothing is more relaxing to me than a nice warm sit on the sand. the sounds of gulls and that crisp salty air...ahhhhh its not hard to be inspired by something as beautiful as the ocean, and taking a look around the shop i notice some of our artists got some ocean love too! check it...

i am totally in love with this bivalve necklace by erica weiner.

and this new squid grid bowl by megan ramsey (from atlanta!) is perfect for an apres sun bowl of ice cream!!

sometimes the sea breeze gets a little pushy and these hair pieces are perfect for keeping it classy while lounging or strolling on the sand! front: painting the roses red bow by blue eyed freckle (atlanta!) back: ivory ruffle headband by monkey & squirrel

these tiles from pacific blue tile seriously make me want to cook just so i can use a hot plate! (and the hus would probably appreciate anything that would get me in the kitchen more often)

these nautical looking wallets by ducttuff are super cool, dudes.

for the petit bambinos, an adorable little forest friends tee, by too many suitors is perfect cover from the sun.

and ok, so this isn't exactly sea-ish...but this dude looks a little windswept...maybe from sailing?? and "vacation"! for real these journals from ex libris are supa-dupa.

lastly, if you can't exactly get away, do yourself a favor and shower off with some handcrafted soap by sudstress. the healing waters and emerald isle bars are more than capable of putting the ocean bug at bay until you can get there.

side note: there's still time to grab your mama something special! come on in-she did hatch you after all!

talk soon!


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