Sunday, May 9, 2010


Happy Mother's day to all the mommas out there... I spent the afternoon with my mom and sis and her family out in the country today and it was such a nice crisp springy day to be outside feeding the horses,donkey and goat. I even got John (my BF) to feed the horses, he was really interested in petting the donkey "Mac", though he wasn't haven' it. My mom has been a really big support for Maggie and I from the birth of Young Blood and has always encouraged us-and we love her for that.

mom and pop frances (Amelie and (RIP) Bruno)

Frances (aka Frankie) one of my babies birthday is coming up and it made me thing of her momma-and even though she tried to eat her the last time they met I know Frances loves her deep down.

SO to all the mommas out there WE LOVE YOU!!!

Thanks Stephanie's mom for letting her work today so we could hang with our mom's -I know she'll make it up to ya...