Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I went to the Beehive Co-op's new location this week and it was AWESOME! Beehive is the store in Atlanta that we have the most in common with (they sell all hand made items too, but theirs are all local or regional - here is their mission if you want to learn more. ) and it was so nice to see what they are up to! They moved to the Edgewood Shopping Center and the new space is beautiful and BIG with plenty of wiggle room for a relaxing yet stimulating shopping experience. I love seeing how other boutiques display their items and Beehive does a bang-up job. They have beautiful gift items such as hand made soaps, clothing, and gorgeous jewelry.

I got to meet two of the owners, Kanani Whack and Preeti Ayyangar, and they were really nice and helpful. It's inspiring to see another business succeeding at a similar dream! Our very best wishes go to the ladies of Beehive; we wish you all the success in the world, all over the world!

Big love until next Wednesday,

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