Monday, June 28, 2010

Southern Art?

Hey sorry I missed you guys on Sunday... but, I was at the beach! with all my bestie friends digging my toes in the sand and swimmin with the fishies.

Some of our best YB buddies are in a show next week at the Welch Gallery at Georgia State. I'm really excited about it and can't wait to see what they come up with. Ben is one of our oldest friends and first YB intern that left us for San Fran boo hoo-but still shows his southern pride though is art work. John Paul and Stephanie had a show with us at the beginning of the year and our buddy Joey Orr is back in Atlanta from Chicago and we're excited to see what he's up to.
xo Kelly

Southern Art?

An Exhibition that Explores the Usefulness or Necessity for Such a Label

July 6 - 15, 2010: Exhibition Dates

July 6, 7 - 9pm: Opening Reception & Gallery Talks

Boat venom Gourd
Boat, Radcliffe Bailey Venom Dip, Ben Venom Limbic System, Tindel Michi

In this exhibition co-organizers Teresa Bramlette Reeves and Ben Goldman explore questions about the existence of something called “Southern Art.”

Does simply living and working in the South make one a “Southern Artist?” If one makes work about a particular location in the South, or engages in Bible belt philosophies or focuses on issues of racism and the legacies of the plantation economy, is she or he then a “Southern Artist?” Can an artist successfully incorporate Southern stereotypes and cultural icons without risk of being misunderstood? Are ideas about the South shaped by Southerners or are they imposed by others?

Participating Artists:
Radcliffe Bailey
Bethany Joy Collins
Stephanie Dowda
John Paul Floyd
Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier
Michi Meko
Joey Orr
Katherine Taylor
John Tindel
Lisa Tuttle
Ben Venom
Chris Walter

Georgia State University
Ernest G. Welch School of Art & Design Gallery
10 Peachtree Center Ave
Atlanta GA, 30303.


Gallery Hours: Mon -Fri 10 am - 6pm

Free evening event parking at United Way parking garage at Courtland & Edgewood Ave.
Generous support provided by CENCIA (Center for Collaborative and Interntional Arts)

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Click Clique said...

Thanks for the love... we are excited about the Southern Art? exhibition. Perhaps we are reinventing the meaning of Southern Pride?