Thursday, June 17, 2010

I love you, NY and hot damn, I'm home.

I just got back from one of the best trips I've taken to NY. For the first time, I had zero agenda other than catching up with friends. And shop and eat for things I can't find here. The food part... well, you already know they don't play in NY when it comes to delicious food. The most shopping I did was at a Goodwill but I did explore lots of cool shops that gave me the jolt of inspiration I needed here at YB.

Being a shop owner, I notice every little thing: the variety of designs of course, how they are tagged, how they are labeled, how everything is hung and arranged, price ranges, how the staff engages with customers, what types of things people pick up, how the store is laid out. The spaces were mostly really tiny and made me appreciate our fat kid of a shop.

I think my favorite shop was Catbird who carries beautiful jewelry lines by emerging designers, candles, and a few gifty items. If I had to choose a favorite restaurant I'd have to say Motorino where we ate spicy sopressata pizza and brussell sprout pizza. TRUST ME - it was sooo good!

Here are a couple quick pics from my trip. Should be interesting...

Loved this African market next door to my friend Matt's apt. in Harlem!

Now here is some handiwork:

I got so excited I had to touch this statue's weiner.

Motorino pizza before and about 10 minutes after:

NewYoricans have some serious pride.

I would have never found this bar if it weren't for Holly who wandered in
a few weeks ago. It was beautiful and I ordered the most expensive cocktail
I've ever had. It was amazing and worth it.

The unavoidable station and train shots.

Not sure what to say here.

I love you, NY and hot damn, I'm home.


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