Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Get Down in the Dirty with the Asian Cajuns!

If you haven't heard of the Asian Cajuns it's high time you did!

Sisters Cath and Lar never cease to suck me right into their fashion and lifestyle blog, It begins with the visual stimulation then their funny and awesome writing styles get me every time. Not to mention they have STYLE FOR MILES! These ladies are addicted to fashion and make addiction look pretty dang fun.

From their "About" section:

We’re twins. Part Chinese, part French Cajun (and a mix of a few other things thrown in). We have a love of style, art, design, music, fashion, literature, and food. We’re originally from a suburb of D.C. (the Maryland side), but now consider Decatur/Atlanta our home. We love our new city and hope to highlight some of the greatness of ATL and our own views on fashion and design.

They're super supportive of local biz and are full of ideas of cool things to do too! And of course they look crazy cute while doing it.

Let's start with this fetching photo of Cathy in a Young Blood tank (hee hee).

And how adorable is Lar??

I'm not the only smitten kitten. Check out the Awards and Mentions page.

Thank you to The Asian Cajuns for contributing their style and finesse to Atlanta!


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