Friday, June 4, 2010

Tre' Magnifique

It's bikini season, and I just wanted to tell you ladies (and lads, but you have less of an issue with this) that you are lovely. I don't even know where to begin about the standards we, both the media and individually, place as to what beauty is and is not, so I won't even go there. Call me an exhibitionist, but I've learned that rather than hiding my body in layers like I do all winter, wearing little jumpers and dresses, or lounging around in a cover-up tends to leave me feeling better, and not due to an abundance of confidence on my part. Maybe it's just the sun exposure.

The ever classy Grace Kelly at the beach.

Our show opening tomorrow night features female artists whose work in this exhibit, while certainly not limited to female audiences, mostly portrays women in different styles and attitudes unique to the artist. You'll have to check out the show yourself, but the six fantastic artists who contributed to this event include Megan Kimber, Daisy Winfrey, Lesley Reppeteaux, Merrilee Challiss, Chrystal Chan and Jennifer Davis.

And if you really want to get sexy, Minette Magnifique in collaboration with Pin Up Girl Cosmetics has a burlesque show opening Saturday, June 19th at Ziba's in Old Fourth Ward. I've been to a previous show these ladies have done, and they're super talented and just as gorgeous.

Come check it out, and sip some champagne with the Young Blood ladies! Now go forth and feel beautiful today.