Friday, June 18, 2010


I saw the sweetest thing today: a tiny wedding ceremony at the beach. The only people present were the bride and groom, their mothers, the preacher man, and a friend taking photos. The mothers laid out a cloth aisle for the bride to walk down, and of course some bikini-clad onlookers insisted on standing by and staring, somewhat detracting from the romantic ambiance. Nonetheless, this new family was precious; they were so anxious to get married the mother told mine (who of course had to go see if they needed help while the wind carried away their aisle) that a big reception was due for sometime in the future, but not tonight.

That's the bride in the background, and Mom's foot in the fore.
Iphones don't make good cameras--sorry.

Not long after, we witnessed a mockingbird family teaching a young out-of-nester how to theoretically catch his own food. The affair mostly consisted of the youngster cawing for more and the parents scrambling to gather it. It was pretty hilarious.

For YOUR nest, we have some new pretties, like felted hanging plant pods and some new stock of J. Richel's prints. And for your baby birds, plush robots by munaluna!

"Fungus Among Us" by Justin Richel.

MunaLuna's plushies!