Friday, April 9, 2010

New Kid in Town

Hey guys,

I'd first like to introduce myself as the newbie member of the Young Blood team, and I'm pretty stoked about it. I'm Stephanie, and I'll be helping out mostly on the weekends and at art openings of course! (it's my first day as a big girl instead of hanging around asking Haley to help me every five minutes><) .

I've been having a few recurring thoughts lately as it gets warmer and I see more people grilling out by the pool in the middle of the week, sitting on the porch and generally enjoying life with a little more abandon than in the dreary winter months. Summer, which starts about now in Georgia if you're not from here, holds some of my favorite memories: going to the beach, riding my bike, painting and spending time with great people. These things are so basic, and sometimes I'd almost rather be lazy in the hot afternoons and watch tv, but I'm almost always so glad after opting to give my family or a friend a call instead.

This summer, there are a few things I'd like to do more of and a few new things I'd like to try when classes aren't in session. Someone'll have to hold me to it, but one of these is trying out a couple yoga sessions at Young Blood that are starting soon. Being active has always been a priority, but yoga'd definitely be out of the box for me. What I'm most excited about is an upcoming trip to Australia to visit my best friend who's studying abroad with her brother. Major check off on my list of awesome places to visit. Speaking of Australia, and best friends, I'm thinking about getting a necklace from The Weekend Store (we just got a new shipment of awesome stuff in!) with the continent on it. That may be a little predictable, she also is a great writer, so maybe the typewriter jewelry is better? Comment and let me know what you think, and check out the pieces for yourself. They aren't the exact necklaces we have in store, but are similar styles and by the same artist C'mon, you can never go wrong with vintage destination jewelry.

Happy trails all!