Thursday, April 8, 2010


Hey everyone! I thought I would take a second to introduce Jolene, our live in shop cat here at YBG, to everyone that doesn't already know her. We got her almost a year ago (Can you believe it's been that long??) at a local animal control, and we sure are glad we have her around!

Here's a few of her favorite things:

1. Food! Jolene loves loves loves people food! Especially anything cheesy, chips, and ranch dressing. One time I even caught her in the back of the shop after just finishing licking all the icing off a cupcake.

2. Food again. She looks forward to when it gets dark out every night... that's when it's time for her daily allowance of wet food.

3. Sitting on people's shoulders. If you pick her up, she'll be sure to perch right on your shoulder. Pirate and parrot style.

4. Heat! She loves to be warm and snuggly. So her favorite spots in the shop are under lamps or where the sun reaches her from our skylights.

5. Being a tripod! I really think she likes it. She gets along just fine, but it gets her TONS of sympathy attention. :)

6. Being a lady! Who wouldn't though right? She's a loudmouth one at that, always screaming and letting you know exactly what she wants. So let me change that into being a lady with an attitude.

7. Her new cat tree. It's even sprinkled with catnip! (Thanks Kelly for picking out an awesome one!)

8. Her mommies! She's got quite a few moms here at Young Blood and I don't think she has a specific favorite. (Except for me)

9. Hiding places. She does love exploring the shop and finding new crevices to crawl into. Sometimes we have to shake her treat bag to find her.

10. Meeting new people! So be sure to come by and see this pretty little lady!

She's pretty freaking adorable, huh??



heatheru00 said...

Aww, I LOVE Jolene! I've met her a few times and she is just adorable. I love to rub her belly (when she will allow it!).

Octopus Parlour said...

Your kitty is awesome! That's funny she likes chips; mine does too, especially the salt and vinegar variety.