Thursday, April 22, 2010

Free Stuff? Yup!

Hello all! It's Jen on here today. Thought I'd drop a line to tell everyone about a free shirt giveaway we're having! Travis, of B.Yourself Blog, in order to promote his new brand, hooked us up with a ton of different styles of free shirts! Ladies AND gents! (What's better than free? Right?) It's hard to find stuff that's actually free with no strings attached... but we got it here! So stop by, grab a free tee! No purchase necessary.

Here's one of his lady tee designs!

Other news, SUPER excited about these new letterpress necklaces we got in yesterday made by GwenDelicious. Definitely rocking the J one right now. Come by and check them out! No better way of saying "I Love You" to yourself then having some personalized jewelry. :)

And no worries! If we don't have your initial, that's something we can order right away!

Hope to see everyone at the Inman Park Festival on Saturday! I'll be working RLand's booth so don't be a stranger and come say hi!

xo, jen


VISION Photography | | This is my true vision said...

Thanks so much for this post. I first saw it on Artlanta blog. I'm not sure if you have any more shirts available, but I'm certainly going to stop by Youngblood. Either way, I'm glad I've discovered your work. I'm a local photographer and find inspiration in the work of other artists who passionately cultivate their craft. Let's connect.

(this message was originally intended for B.Yourself...his blog chops up the comment portion (when you click it) so it is impossible to leave a comment on his blog. He may want to look into that)

Much love to YoungBlood...but of course.

Anonymous said...

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