Friday, April 16, 2010

Pour me a spot

Happy Friday, bloggies!

One of my favorite mini weekend adventures is taking day trips and discovering new places. Last weekend, a girlfriend and I drove up to Athens to watch a friend's dance performance and hang out for music and arts festivals going on throughout the town, and discovered some cool doo-dads that I'd like to share with you. We also ate on the porch of this amazing byob cantina-style restaurant called Cali n Tito's (highly recommend the veggie cuban sandwich).

A couple enjoying their dinner at Cali n Tito's (unaware of my creepin' on them and taking a photo). Below is some of the precious pottery for sale at King's. Many of the artists are UGA grads from the art program, and they were all pretty cool and laid back.

There was also another artist who was selling precious soy candles poured into vintage teacups and saucers. Perfect for a garden party or to light on the porch in the evenings. I saw these teapots by Jeanette Risco in Young Blood this morning and they reminded me of them.

Have a great weekend and stop in and see us!


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