Saturday, April 10, 2010

Birthing the Dodekababie!

Hey Doodles!

Haley Here,

I hope everyone’s weekend is going superb. Just wanted to share a few things.

Last night the Atlanta art Cooperative DODEKAPUS!!!! Had their “Collective Concious Event”. And man….was it MIND BLOWING! There was a bike race, interactive art, circus performers, thai food, bands and pretty much a clusterbunch of mad art! It was an emotionally charged spiritual celebration of every person that put their energy and love into that building. I am honestly proud to be a part of the dodeka fam. Below are some pictures from our family and the event.

Just like all the people in Dodekapus inspire me everyday I get to go to my job, Young Blood, where hundreds of artists also inspire me with their amazing work. I am so stoked on the artists we have here. Here are some that we have at Young Blood that I am in love with !

Tamara Waite-Santibez

These ladies have all have extremely different styles but they inpsire me more than they know :)

Peace and Chicken Grease,

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