Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week I finally cleaned my apartment! Ok I lie. I didn't clean it up entirely. I just picked things up and organized.

I like cleaning because it can be very relaxing but at the same time it makes me sick. Dust gets in the air from all the moving around, my bathroom has a window that barely opens so whenever I use chemicals like bleach, it's hard to breathe and I start getting sick.

All the heavy duty glove wearing cleaning always reminds me of Mom from Dexter's lab.

So I'm getting prepared for some hardcore declutterizing! Since my next place is going to be smaller I'm trying to get space saving ideas and start changing my habits of accumulating clutter. Today I stumbled on a nice zen post with tips that will have you considering changing your routine in order to live in a less cluttered, organzied home.

The site,, is full of great articles about getting into, well, zen habits. Another post I really liked was from Leo Babauta about 'Becoming an early riser.' This is something I've got to work on since I'm always oversleeping :[ I miss a lot of things I feel because of this.

Early mornings have looked very nice (I of course ignore this and continue sleeping) that it only makes sense to go on an early morning bike ride of walk. Normally when I've seen the sun rising it's been on an occasion that I'm on my way to bed.

For those of you who can wake up early; Young Blood has been having yoga classes every Monday, Wednesday and Fridays in our gallery space. If you're an early riser you should come by!

Even Kitties do yoga.


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