Monday, April 12, 2010

Is it seriously Monday again?!

Last week was CRAAAAZY!!!!! It was one of those weeks that passes you buy at this weird fast but long and drawn out slow way. As Haley said in her blog entry, Dodekapus' Collective Conscious launch show/party/circus/craziness was this past Friday. I worked with the production of the show. The main Dodekapus family was pulling 15 hour days setting up for the show. Everyone worked so hard and we put on such an amazing show!

Thankfully working at Young Blood has given me a lot of experience with Art openings. Thanks ladies :D

Now is the time for me to get geared up for finals. Sigh. Summer weather has already descended upon the south so now I'm dreaming about what I want to do and accomplish this summer.

My boyfriend and I want to go to Costa Rica. He is an adventurer and wants to camp out in the jungle. I on the other hand just want to play in the jungle, explore and sleep in a bed. I think I want to learn how to surf! I spent the majority of my childhood growing up in Hilo, Hawaii but never learned how to surf. My parents were more encouraging to academic pursuits.

So this summer, I will learn how to surf!!!!!

Hopefully this won't happen to me.


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