Monday, April 5, 2010


Wow it's been a looong weekend which is about to get super serious super quick.

Lately (since the weather has made it easier) I've been going to art openings every week (it's a free, easy, fun social event in Atlanta) and I'm enjoying discovering Atlanta's growing art scene. This place is filled with so many great artists. The energy at openings always give the work a different feeling. Unlike when I view art independently, there is conversation and discussion.

Having the artist there and the community of other people makes me feel more connected to the art. During our opening people were trying on Dennis' giant wolf mask. It was great to see people connecting to art and the artist. That's why I love art openings!

In comparison to Haley that mask is epic

One last thing about the show; it made me realize I really really want a new tattoo! (since John tattoos at Saved Tattoo in Brooklyn)
I've been wanting to get a tattoo since I moved up here. Since moving here I've gotten the chance to see both the art and work of Sam Parker (of Memorial Tattoo) and Danielle Distefano (of Only You) [We've had shows for both artist's and Jen's got a beautiful tattoo from Danielle.]

I'm going to keep thinking about this tattoo (4/5 of my tattoos are in covered places since my parents don't approve and such and pay for school ya know) business later.

wow how is it 4am?!



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