Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Good gawd allmighty, it's Spring tiiiiime!!!!!!!!

This has by far been one of the longest, most painful winters ever! I try and try to chin up and enjoy it but cold, snow and drizzling rain just ain't my thing! This is the first week in the high 70s and 80s. Atlanta's beloved trees are blooming and people are reclaiming their walks, bike rides,
and restaurant patios.

Some of my favorite Atlanta Spring things to do:
1. Eat Yoforia (and King of Pops popsicles are finally popping up around the city!)

2. Go to one of our many farmer's markets (went to Buford Hwy one last weekend!)

3. Drink on a patio! (Just saw someone drinking one of the locally famous grapefruit rosewater martinis next door at Cafe di Sol.

4. Gardening - time to put in your tomatoes, y'all!

5. Spring cleaning and purging - it's time to remove the
clutter from my life and that includes everything from the piles stacked up on my desk to the negatives nellies in my life - yep, I said it! Make my life better or get out the way!

6. Shop - The season's bright colored dresses, handbags, and jewelry are popping up everywhere I look and I want! I want!

And now, some of my favorite new designs in the shop for Spring!

Push Me Pull You Designs - We have tons of new prints, tee shirts, housewares and cards!

We have tons of new items rolling in for Spring. Come say hi and tell us what ya think!


1 comment:

Anise said...

Yay spring time~!!

I've been riding and walking everywhere and it feels so safe to go out and do stuff later in the evening because there are still so many people enjoying the city.

I <3 spring, and that sweet tiger print