Monday, March 29, 2010

This Saturday!!

Please come out this Saturday and welcome these artists to Atlanta -they will both be present!!
It's from 7-1o pm!!

"Borrowed Time" April 3-25
Opening Saturday April 3rd 7-10 pm
for "Borrowed Time " with NYC Artists Dennis McNett & John Reardon.

Reardon offers one-of-a-kind, brightly colored, “tattoo” style paintings and ink drawings with a style "permanently borrowed from mid 20th century tattoo flash... cut up and rearranged..."

He can be seen anywhere between Merlin’s Tattoo shop, a shop featured on the hit TV show “Miami Ink,” and Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lends his creative hand to Bright Side Tattoos. Patrons can also soak in the mind-blowing wood block prints of New York’s Dennis McNett. With works featured in The New York Times and Juxtapoz Magazine, McNett’s work is sure to impress even the most seasoned art connoisseur. He has created designs for Volcom, Anti-Hero skateboards, Vans and Addidas to name a few.

"Surviving the fires that purged the earth from the mighty battles of

ancient kings and greed scorned gods, two lost souls discovered the
charred remains of fallen warriors still grappling the bloody severed
goat head of Baphomet, forever banished to the realm of the underworld.
Through the resurection of these once great warriors , the lost souls will
be chosen to reveal the history of the true battle of death between man and god."