Sunday, March 21, 2010

For the love of the four legged

Well if there's one thing everybody knows about me it's that I love animals. It's been like that since I was a kid and got my first dog. She was a puppy I picked out of a mall pet shop. She was a poodle/terrier cross named Muppet. I always got upset when strangers met her and wanted to think I named her muffet. Muffet really? What kind of dumb name is that. Any way I guess she and all the misc cats we had running around the neighborhood started my obsession with the four legged. Even as a kid I understood the importance of spaying/neutering your pet and am still shocked when I meet people who have unaltered pets. It would take me a while to actually sit down and list all the dogs,cats,horses,gerbils,mice and fish that have been in my life but, I could list all of their names and tell you how wonderful each and every one of them were and are to me.

One thing I've always wanted to do with the piles of hairballs in the corners of my house is
have somebody make me a sweater out of my dogs fur. What an awesome way to recycle those pesky balls. Or I guess if you were a knitter you could have some one make your yarn and you could knit an extra layer of fur for your pet during those winter months.

ok ok looking at these people kind of makes me feel creepy so maybe just a mini felted version these folks will make of your pet.

horsie for me please!
A lot of our artists in our shop support animal rescue and donate portions of the sales of their
products to area shelters like La Familia Green, Sudstress and Monkey and Squirrel.

So in the words of Bob Barker "and always remember to spay or neuter your pet".

your animal pal,


Christy said...

I love those little felted animals too. can they be made with the animals hair? I thought they were usually made with wool. I'd love to try it if it's made from the animal's hair. I just bought a shedder. Bruce, sit down, I'm getting some hair, and making a mini-you.

Young Blood Gallery and Boutique said...

yeah no you can use your own pets fur. If you check out some of the links ( I think its in the yarn one) It tells you how to do it yourself!
little fuzzy mini bruce!