Thursday, March 18, 2010

Studio Visit!

hello all! It's Jen (look out for my introduction later!) and my turn to post! and goodness, this post is looooong overdue! I went to NYC last year, and while I was there, I got to visit one of our lovely jewelry vendors here at YBG, Erica Weiner's, studio! For those who don't know me, I'm completely obsessed. I wear my silver mouse pelvis bone necklace everyday, religiously and about have a heart attack anytime I get an email from her showing me her new designs. Alright now it's picture time!

Alright so here is her section of one-of-a-kinds and new designs she's trying out.. pretty rad right? Of course I had to pick out some from here! Got myself a Herkimer Diamond Solitaire Ring (!!!), a necklace with a fossil on it for my mom, and another necklace with a piece of old pottery placed in a silver setting. I was immediantly drawn to the little blue and white pottery necklace I got, as it had a big ol ship painted on it.. and then when I got back to Atlanta, to my surprise, it also had the word "Bristol" above the ship.. which is the name of the dog I grew up with, rad right? Not only that, but she only had one Herkimer Ring made, and it fit my finger like a glove. I do believe it's destiny that I buy any/all of her jewelry.

She also had a little show room area where she had one of each of her designs on display.. and you could have guessed, they were displayed amazing.

Now this right here, she keeps all sorts of trinkets, clasps, and charms organized. It was a tiny little studio and I was so impressed how beautifully put together it was.

UMMMM so cute. This Erica's little Yorkie, named BUNNIE, who comes to work with her everyday. Shop pup!

oh, and Bunnie had a fresh haircut in this picture!

The lady herself! She was so sweet, friendly, and a perfect perfect host. I cannot wait to visit again!

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