Tuesday, March 16, 2010

How do you doo doo?

Hello Young Blood Lovahs,
Haley here. The only blonde at young blood representin!
Wasn't is gorgeous outside today? I am so ready for spring I could burst.
I had to go out and buy new herbs for my garden. I am also very excited about a fairly new veggie co-op right here in metro Atl! They are called " Artichoke Bliss" and I hope other fellow atlantians will get involved. Here is the link to their facebook :

Speaking of spring I wish everyone would look up and appreciate the waxing crescent of a moon above us. Gods little toenail.

Sorry I am on a spring kick but I am totally stoked about the colors chosen for spring/summer fashion.
Pastels and Creams shine through and thank the goddess NO MORE BOHO!
Other trends are sheers, prints, and blazers. Tailored outfits are now in for men and women. I am seriously tickled pink.
Here is some inspiration !

I hope everyone has gotten a chance to check out the bike show. I am so inspired by the variety of unique vision of each eartist. Check back for all the other lovely ladies of the young blood :)
goodnight and sleep tight!


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