Monday, March 22, 2010

Dodekpus Presents: Collective Conscious

Hey there, Annette here, did anyone see that double rainbow Sunday afternoon? It was gorgeous!! I got to share such a lovely thing with my buddies of Dodekapus.

(isn't that a sweet rainbow? look closely and you can see the 2nd one)
photo courtesy of Matt Jones

"Dodekapus (as in a 12 tentacled sea-creature) is an artist collective representing individuals from different media such as painters, sculptors, photographers, performance artists, fashion designers, videographers, lighting designers, writers, musicians, chefs, poets, dancers and multiple other artists of indiscriminate talents." The founding members, as well as most of the group, are students; and I was surprised I already knew a few people. Haley (another of the lovely YB bloggers) is also a part of the group.

I joined the group in February and was blown away by their vision, drive and energy.The group, with the kind help of WonderRoot, are on the way to becoming a Non profit organization.

April 9th starting at 8pm Dodekapus presents: Collective Conscious. (It's going to be insane!)
This event includes, but is not limited to;

~The Falcon Lords
~The Back Pockets
~ DJ Santiago Paramo

-Doodle Cat Bike Race-
-Performance Art-
-Visual 2d/3d art-
-On-site artistic creations-
-Community participation
-Body Painting-
-Video Projection-
-Tasty Culinary Treats-
-Live Graffiti-
Much, much, much more!

Prepare for all 5 of your senses to be overwhelmed with the beautiful, the wonderful, the spectacular, and the fantastical creations by Atlanta's artists.

The event starts at 8:00 (with a $5 cover after 8:30) and goes on until 4am.

Visit for more information. Follow us as a fan on Facebook.

(sorry if that was long, I'm super excited about the show lol)


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