Monday, March 29, 2010

A blog post about blogging.

The more I add entries to this blog, and the more I read everyone's entries, I'm inspired to get back into blogging. I was reminded of my high school days (which wasn't really to long ago) So I did it, I started a new personal blog.

At first I didn't know what I was going to do with this thing. I have the tendency to start something and not see it through. When I was younger, and had more spare time, I would start sewing something and get busy or frustrated and drop the project all together. I want to work on my lack of drive. And I will! It's spring, I've got some growing to do!

Something that I think I definitely need to grow is my personal fashion. I've started following a few fashion blogs and sites.

I was reminded of a street fashion site Cycle Chic during our Cycle Through show, which was great, but if you're interested in fashion and bikes; check out Cycle Chic.

Cycle Through was fun and is done. Now this Saturday is the opening for Dennis McNett and John Reardon and I am not missing this show!

I personally wanna see Dennis McNett the man, coz he makes some crazy good prints.

I said he was crazy good,
Hope to see you Saturday :]


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