Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Heeeeeere's Maggie!

I'm as exciting as Jay Leno...right? Maybe not Johnny Carson but Leno?? OOH! For you Conan fans, he's doing a tour to pay his employees who uprooted and moved before getting the shaft. I learned that at this month's ladies supper club. :) (See Kelly's post below. It was mmm mm good.)

I have modern sheds on the brain. Click here and maybe you'll feel where I'm coming from. I bought a house this year and need a place to store my motorcycle and gardening stuff reeeal bad, especially now that Sprang is spranging. I'm going to ask my
contractor to build one that looks like this (left) instead of the one he sent me a picture of with the quote, which looks like this (below) for the same amount of money.

Wish me luck.

At home, I love modern design (straight lines, poppy colors, geometric shapes) mixed with old-timey design (country, pretty, feminine, floral). It's a balance I aim to find and have a feeling it will take awhile to strike it. Fortunately, the journey is the most fun!

Young Blood Boutique is trying to find a balance too. It's a fun challenge, trying to put ourselves in others' shoes and what they like, not just what we like! There are a lot of influences out there: masculine, feminine, dark, light, heavy, contemporary, vintage, thoughtful, care-free, folky, punk rock, hip hop, adult, child-like...fortunately, I like them all!

When running a business they say it's important to know your exact target market. I always say, "Our target market includes creative professionals, students, and artists/creatives in their 20's through 40's." But really, I want to have something for everyone! I love it when Grandmas and Grandpas come in and appreciate an item if only because it's hand made with care. And we want you to be able to come in and find a gift for Grandma and Grandpa too! Be patient with us as we continue working towards this balance. Working on consignment makes it more difficult since a lot of the artists and designers we approach don't realize how awesome we are at book-keeping. :) (Props to Kelly and Jen for that!) Are there artists and designers you want to see in Young Blood? I want to know!

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