Sunday, March 14, 2010

Getting to know us..

Well we all decided recently that maybe our YB fans want to get to know the ladies that make up YB a little better. We all chose one day that we would each blog about something we're interested or involved in so.. Sunday is my day (Kelly). These will be in between our usual postings about our events, art happenings, new items in the shop and fun tidbits. So check it out every day for some getting to know us items.. well not fridays and saturdays.. there are only 5 of us so.. Maggie and I (owners), Jen (manager) and Haley and Annette our worker bees. SO now that the introductions are over..

Today is also my day to cook for our monthly supper club. There are 5 of us and we alternate cooking for all of us and well it's a good thing we can all cook..
On my menu today is:\
Appys: (fried chickpeas and spring roll wraps with ginger/lemon dipping sauce)
Coctail: (with credits to Shana who made the infusion.. ginger/vanilla infused vodka with soda and lemon)
Soup: Raw hot and sour soup (if you warm it up it's still considered live!)
Main course:red cabbage/pear/walnut salad
Tofu/cashew/green bean with hoisin sauce
crusty lemon broccolini

and don't forget desert! Apple custard apple pie.. mmm..
oh and I made some bread for the first time. It's on round 2 of rising so we'll see if it actually works out in the end.. scared..


Beary Organics said...

Dinner club! I miss you ladies.

Young Blood Gallery and Boutique said...

oh christy! we miss you too!!