Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wowee wowee wow!!! Look at the video that Mark Tioxson made from this month's art show "Cycle Through", a biked-themed group show! SOPO organized a bike race that ended at Young Blood and made for good times!

Mark came out of the blue and generously offered to shoot the event for us. More of his pics are coming but he sent this teaser video today. Check out his website,, for gorgeous and heart-felt photography.

Speaking of bikes, I miss riding mine. Her name is Pinkie, she's a 1984 Cannondale, and we have been through a lot together! I bought her at a yard sale in the late nineties and she has stuck by me through college at GSU, 6 years living in the West End, 2 years in Grant Park, 6 months in Hawaii, 4 years in Kirkwood, 1.5 in Cabbagetown, and now East Lake! I quit riding when I went full-time with YB since I am always hauling big crap to work. Annnd it's now a 5 mile ride. I know! I'm being a wuss! Especially since every single time I've grumbled about riding, as soon as I take off I couldn't be happier. Guess I need to start exploring my new hood! Who wants to go for a bike ride in East Lake?


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