Thursday, March 25, 2010

Flea Market Love

Who doesn't love flea markets right? I've been desperately needing a flea market fix as of late, so Sunday my good friend Rebecca and I ran away from Atlanta to this ahhhhmazing flea market in McDonough, armed of course with soy lattes and money we shouldn't spend but knew we were going to anyways. Basically, we were there for about four hours and barely got through the first two rooms. What really tied us up were about six or seven boxes of hundreds and hundreds of old photos... and yeah, we had to look at each one. BUT, they were totally inspiring. It always sparks my curiosity and gets my mind wandering when I can look at things and can have a little peek into other people's lives, what made them the happiest or saddest, and what obviously caught their attention enough to want to take a photograph of it.

Here's a couple of my favorites I snagged!

If I could teleport, I'd go back in time and explore this house. You can kinda see around the front of it and I'm loving that second story balcony.

No really, what's going on here?

Dream scenario.

So basically, it was a successful trip. Seeing all these old photos couldn't help but remind me of Steph Dowda and John Paul's show. Which by the way, we still have a few lockets up in the boutique that are for sale... as seen below. AND if y'all are interested, Steph can customize them.. set 'em up on a real good date with a locket lookin for some photo love. She's going to be doing one for me in the near future with my pets in it!!

Have a good one!:)

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Cresha Lu said...

Those photos are really amazing! I love that flea market! I live about 5 minutes from there & have been thinking about setting up a booth to sell my handmade goods.