Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day trippin'...

Last week Maggie and I took a little day trip to Athens. It's a rare treat and it was the perfect time of year. Our mission was to drive up and pick up some bird houses for the shop made by Wing Ding Construction. And our special treat was to eat at The Grit-mmmm....

We had a couple other to do's on our check list as well:
1) Agora for antinque-in (by the way if you're looking for a designer bag they have a bunch you can even lease or pay on lay away-crazy crazy)
2) shopping on the square to look for new artists and get inspired but what others are doing.
3) ate some fro yo with almond,blueberries and Chocolate chips!
4) visit our friend and awesome artist David Hale's new tattoo shop and gallery
Anchor Tattoo & Gallery

We also stopped by Satisfactory Screen Printing to say hi and see what new designs they had been working on. They had a really amazing hand painted sign this old yocal from athens had painted for them.

yours truly

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