Friday, July 2, 2010


...It's already the 4th of July weekend! I'm up in Cumming with the boyfriend's family and we are so prepared for Sunday...too prepared perhaps. Don't worry, for the ridiculous volume of fireworks we possess, they're also good friends with the police captain who happens to be off-duty and lighting them off with us that evening.
YB loves Atlanta artist R. Land.

Feeling patriotic? One great way to support the economy is to support local businesses. A few of my favorite local Atlanta spots would have to be: Starlight Six Drive-In (just discovered this place with a girlfriend and had a great time. Word to the wise, get there a wee bit early, and when you find a space don't park outside the lines like a douche), Papi's Cuban Cuisine in midtown (great prices, great Cuban sandwiches and yucca fries), Stefan's Vintage, which is like a fun little treasure hunt in L5P, and Criminal Records (obviously a music/record store, also located in L5P).

I'd have to say, though, with an admitted bias, that Young Blood is by far my favorite local Atlanta business. Oh yeah! And don't forget one of our favorites, King of Pops!

Stay safe this weekend (don't drink and drive), but not too safe (play with fire)!
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