Monday, July 26, 2010

Time is running out!

Young blood's July art show, It came from left field, will soon be coming to a close on the 31st. Hurry and come catch its final showing days! The opening night, July 10th, was a huge success. Crowded and busy we promptly served drinks, music, and wonderful art! This show consisted of three artists, Ming Donkey, Jason Baldwin, and Herb Rieth, who all contributed unique and colorful pieces that made the show come to life. Ming Donkey's cluttered corner of the gallery overflows with little rain clouds, flickering television sets, and the blank faces of "worker men". It couldn't have been set up nicer, thanks to the artist who came to the gallery to set it all up himself! Ming Donkey also entertained us by coming to the opening, and mingled graciously with all of the guests who had come to see the show.
Jason Baldwin's mixed media paintings, which included strips from comic books cleverly painted into the pieces, lit up the room with their color. Baldwin also had more mellow, simple paintings. These consisted of soft blues and grays, which balanced out well with his other more colorful pieces.
Herb Rieth's collection was pleasantly unexpected, when he integrated cloth, bottle caps, and ribbon into his paintings. Neon pinks and greens popped off the canvas and quilt-like fabric pieces, illuminating the gallery, and fought skillfully with the more washed away colors of Ming Donkey across the room. Both Rieth and Baldwin expressed a more vivid color aspect, but with the help of Ming Donkey, the three artists work came together beautifully, making the show come to life and pleased both the artists and the viewers.
To see and read more, check out our flickr, and website. Also, Juxtapoz Magazine published an article on the show! Enjoy!

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