Thursday, July 8, 2010


Jen here! Thought I'd take a second to introduce the newest member of my little family! Tuesday night I got a new pup! One of Maggie and Kelly's good friend, Pepin, went out to do yard work and found two darlings that somebody had dumped in her bushes! I'd been wanting another dog for a good while now to keep my Dachshund mix, Hansel, company so I headed over to meet them! Well, after seeing this face, I completely could not help myself and had to take him home to be spoiled and be a little brother to Hansel.

So here he is! and his name is Harbor! 100% mutt, but also 100% cute as hell.

He already made an appearance at the shop and loved it! Promptly sprawled out and took a nap right in the middle of the floor!

ps. His brother is still up for adoption!! You can view photos of him here and if interested please feel free to contact the gallery so we can get you in touch with Pepin!