Friday, July 23, 2010

Into the Wild

The past couple of days I've had the privilege of hosting two of my favorite people in the world who came to Atlanta to visit and share in mini-adventures with me. On Wednesday, after dealing with a little incident in the parking lot (other party's fault) of Whole Foods and waiting outside for the police for what felt like forever, the three of us went trekking in Cochran Mill Park where we saw a Momma and baby bird right on the ground--momma threatened and tittered at us--, little toads hopping across the trail, and in the "nature center"area, a huge iguana and a blinking owl. It was hot as the dickens, but still so nice to get to spend some time outside of the concrete jungle for a few hours.

Speaking of which, we just got in some new owl prints and magnets by Adrienne Vita out of Portland,
and new jewelry by Jessie Williams of Edge of Urge (their photo obviously).

But since I still gotta put the latter out, this post had to be quick! Have a good weekend, guys and dolls!


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