Thursday, July 15, 2010


Thanks Creative Loafing for the little shoutout and review of the Ponce Art Crew's (yours truly, Beep Beep, and Kibbee!) openings this past weekend! We're always a fan of sweet words.. hehe.. and it's so awesome that we can share the vicinity of our digs with other amazing spaces and people!

If you haven't read it yet.. Check it out here! Ming was such a multi-talented, awesome dude at the opening.. he is totally deserving of the praise he got!

But seriously, if you haven't seen Born/Michi's show at Beep Beep and Winsome Want at Kibbee.. Better hurry and get on it!!

AND on the topic of favorite spaces.. We hope to see everyone at Mint Gallery's Fundraiser. It's super important to support your local business and keep Atlanta's culture flowin..and Mint is non-profit, remember!

ps.. this is also a part of the Ponce Crew.. Sorry I didn't mention that earlier :)

xo, jen

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