Friday, September 24, 2010

New Pretties

Hi blogger friends!

Since there's no competing with yesterday's blog celebrating our trifecta of awards from Creative Loafing (thanks Atlanta!), and those won by our fabulous friends (Lucha Rodriguez, Beep Beep Gallery, Eyedrum, Atlanta Cupcake Factory and so many more!), I'll let you in on some of the new inventory we've recently received :)

As always, we have pretty things in the shop this week. Some newbies include Verameat jewelry, Mary Beth's Art by Mary Beth Heishman and jewelry by Freshie and Zero.

First up, Verameat:

Verameat's "Pint-Sized Cosmonaut"

Badass "oozie" ring--ours is sterling silver.

My personal favorite, the "Indians and Bears" necklace in sterling.

Next to bat is Mary Beth's Art:

Super adorable and affordable framed prints of her art.

"Faux taxidermy" jewelry holders (we have bunny ones too!) in teal, ivory, candy apple green...

And another home-runner, Freshie and Zero:

"Lolly" Earrings

"Daisy" necklace

Congrats again to our fellow CL "best of" winners. Stop by the shop and say hello!



DollHouse said...

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