Tuesday, August 31, 2010

ohh, boy!

as you all know, we love to give love to independent businesses
making it happen!

next time you're in athens, stop by ooh, boy!

(better yet, make a trip of it. it'll be worth it! and with fall coming, a drive north is in order !)

'Ohh, Boy!, est. in 2009 by Cassie Barnard and Kimberly Drew is a consignment shop located in the Money Machine Building on West Broad Street in Athens, Georgia. The boutique sells vintage furniture and clothing, as well as handcrafted art and jewelry from independant designers from around the country. In the spirit of unbridled creativity Ohh, Boy! showcases a transitional and continuous group show of artwork, collections, found objects, and ideas generated by a changing cast of curious collaborators.'

here's a peek!

hope everyone's having a lovely week!


Monday, August 30, 2010

FUN times!

Yesterday was "Bark in the Park" and Jen and I got to bring our little puppies to the Braves game! It was tons of fun! We've got tons of fun comin our way too...

This Saturday don't forget it's So Fine Equine. A silent auction held at YB to benefit
HRRRF ( a local horse rescue)

Then the following weekend Sanithna Phansavanh's
opening "Knock on Wood". Check out his new video on his blog of his progress. And look out for news of the scavenger hunt of his art the day before the opening. Stay tuned...

Friday, August 27, 2010

Rock Steady

Well hello Friday! Fall classes have started after my brief break and I can now appreciate the beauty of this day as a relief from the grind again.

Confession: I have a mild obsession with rocks.
Crystals and geodes--be still my heart. While I have probably 5 or 6 geodes, geode slices and chunks of amethyst crystals, wearing these earth treasures as jewelry is my favorite fix. I'll always prefer raw and natural looking pieces over polished stones, and if you throw in something cool like a brass or silver casting, especially if it's animal related, you've got me at hello.

Lauren Haupt is a pretty new jeweler we've carrying now, and I adore these little pyrite necklaces of hers.

We also just got some stuff in from Red Heart 13 (also known as Leila Marvel) which includes a necklace with a pretty little pyrite chunk hanging from a brass chain. I ordered one for myself :)

And you all know about one of our fave designers of earthy fabulousness-Stone and Honey. Here be a sneak peek of one of her new designs we're carrying.

It's not the exact pendant we have, but arlis (the name of this delight) is pretty darn close.

Wanna know an interesting fact/belief/ whatever about pyrite (fool's gold)? It is believed to "balance hormonal rhythms and ease the comfort of menstruation". Ha. A little less personal is the belief that pyrite also can aid a wearer's concentration and allow them to communicate more openly and honestly.

Until next week,


Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Send us photos of your kids wearing YB attire and we'll post them!

Ladies First

Here we have Miss Olive modeling a fashionable Fall scarflette and Day of the Dead hair barrette. Olive is the niece of our good friend, Kristen Gregory, a master esthetician at the local Salon Red.

Next up is the young and dapper Mr. Seven, sporting the latest limited-edition Young Blood tee designed by local artist, Stenvik Mostrom. Seven's mom is none other than Jen Pete, founder member of The Lady Rogue Business Network. Lookin' good, lil buddy!

Our final model today is Noah, a well-traveled young man shown here at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. He is wearing a classic YB logo tee. His hobbies include reading and tap dancing. His mother is an Atlanta photographer and founder of Nelda Mays Photography. His dad is local entrepreneur, Rick Jernigan, who hosts YB's credit card processing account through his company, Co-Card.

BRAVO, models, and carry on the Young Blood name!



Monday, August 23, 2010

Horse Lover-

Over here at YB we love all the 4 legged but, some of us especially love the horses. So I'm really excited that we're hosting an auction on Saturday Sept 4th for Horse Rescue Retirement Relief Fund.

We hosted an all day BINGO fundraiser at our old space so I was more than happy to offer up our new space when they asked-So come on out and bid on some awesome art and help raise money for all the horses out there that need us!

and here are some great horsie peices in our shop!

Brooklyn Rehab
Custom Mugs Circus Pony Salt and Pepper Shakers
Dolan Geiman

Saturday, September 4th Young Blood will host a benefit auction for the Horse Rescue, Relief & Retirement Fund, a 501c3 non-profit organization.

"So Fine Equine: A Silent Art Auction"

Most of us have seen at least one episode of Mister Ed, and perhaps the majority of us have also ridden a pony at a petting zoo or local fair. Even if your experience with family Equidae stops there you have no doubt been entranced by a passing horse drawn carriage or your local mounted patrolman’s equine counterpart. You are not alone; archeological evidence suggests that humans have been mesmerized by horses since 5000 B.C. Like many of the animals humans love and respect, thousands of horses each year fall victim to abandonment or neglect. The Horse Rescue, Relief and Retirement Fund is committed to ending the suffering and neglect of horses. Each year HRRRF rescues and rehabilitates hundreds of horses and other farm animals. The rescue is asking artists to harness their horse fascination and create equine inspired works to be auctioned at Young Blood Gallery and Boutique on September 4th. For more information about the auction please contact Brandi Flanagan at 404-644-2148 or sofineequine@gmail.com.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

happy birthday leos!

it seems like everyone i know is celebrating a birthday this month!
it's been super fun to pick out presents for everyone, and we all know i've got the best place to shop!! we have some awesome birthday gift options-and here are a few that i've chosen this month!

bivalve necklace by erica weiner!

whale plush by zooey/brothers and sister!

let them eat cake print by blu lima!

after hours handmade soap by sudstress (local!)

i'm off to another birthday party!!
enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Friday, August 20, 2010

Rainy Friday Post!

Hello lovely readers,

Today I'd like to show you a little bit of what inspires me decor-wise. When my studio apartment is feeling especially zen-less, I go to sites like apartment therapy and decor8 for ideas, and browse for thrift deals at Paris on Ponce and the recently discovered Highland Row Antiques. (I'm ashamed to admit that I've been at Young Blood since January and just made it into Highland Row a few weeks ago; it's great, so don't wait like I did!)

Would you believe me if I told you I found these vintage silhouette
pieces for $16 for the pair at Highland Row?!

Another fun idea for inexpensive decorating is framing pretty cards. I bought these cards from Young Blood and bought wooden frames for around $4 a piece, and look what turned out!

Excuse the less-than-mediocre photo, but these
do look great in my place in person.

And finally, this cabin+cub print my friend bought (also at YB) turned out great in a $3 frame. You can't beat steals like that!

I also thought the rainy weather theme was appropriate for today.

So if your place needs some sprucing up, or you just want a change of artistic scenery, check out some local joints with cards, prints and art before dropping your change on one of a million beach scene posters from wal-mart or michael's.

Cheers guys!


Thursday, August 19, 2010


We are proud to announce that starting tomorrow night we'll be showing some ahmazing documentaries in the gallery as a part of Docufest! At only $8 a movie- you gotta come check out some of these! Here's our schedule.. But they're also showing at the Carter Center and the Artmore Hotel too!

Friday the 20th!
5:00pm Workers Republic
6:00pm The Red Tail
7:30pm Erasing David

Saturday the 21st!
1:30pm The World According to Ion B
2:30pm Red Poet
3:30pm Daddy I Do
5:00pm Life Happens
6:30pm It Doesn't Define Us
8:00pm Thy Will Be Done

Sunday the 22nd!
3:30pm Mas Man Peter Minshall
5:00pm Piano with Wind and Trains
6:30pm The Wayman Tisdale Story

See ya there!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Steel Wheels Show Rolling in Labor Day Weekend

Thank you, guardian angels of Atlanta Hip Hop, for bringing the homie Mendez to Atlanta from Miami a few years ago
because with him came a smorgasbord of B-Boy grit .

His brainchild, Mad Clout, is multi-media hot shit. They design clothing, host B-boy and B-girl get-downs for the whole fam, and sponsor several graff shows, including Steel Wheels, taking place here in Atlanta for the third year. The show will showcase some of the world's greatest artists, all inspired by the wonderful world of the railroad.

Get more info and see video from Miami's 2010 show on Mad Clout's site.

Young Blood is a proud sponsor of the event so plan on seeing us there!


Monday, August 16, 2010

Remember to look up!

I always try to remind myself of that. There are beautiful things up there.

Were any of you far enough away from the city to see the meteor shower the other night?
I was desperate to see it- went out onto my balcony on North Ave every 10 minutes hoping to catch even the faintest glimmer, but no luck :( A big shock, I know. damn city lights.

Apparently, this shower, Perseids, happens every august and can produce up to 60 per hour.
Don't worry, there's a "very reliable" shower in December, and you can bet I'll be as far away from the city as possible this time. Montagnes, if I'm smart!

(This is a composite image of some of the meteors from August 11th. Thanks NASA)

Although I didn't get to see the shower, I did get to hear it. NASA had a live meteor audio feed (yes, I realize that I'm revealing just how much of a nerd I am), and I listened for about 10 minutes. When they break the atmosphere they sound like high pitched flute notes.
Check it out!

On a random side note, I participated in a MRI today, for a cancer research study. It was a study of brain function in normal adults compared to brain function in adults who had brain tumors as children. Before I went in, everyone I know was telling me I was going to be all freaked out because it was so closed, and it was loud, scary, etc.
On the contrary, I could have stayed in there all day!
I had this helmet with a mirror strapped to it, that showed me a computer screen, and for a little while I imagined I was an astronaut and it was awesome! Of course, I'm sure this was nothing like a space shuttle, but you know, can't blame a girl for dreaming :)

So, let's explore the new things in the shop, in honor of Perseids,
and my daydream space adventure!

Science Journal, Ex Libris

This new Stone & Honey necklace reminds me of
earth(maybe moon?) core samples!

New Happy Family Astronaut onesies!

Necklace by Raw Honey. Constellation-ey. (Maybe, a stretch with the constellation thing, but it's too pretty to leave out!)

New print by, Callisto, by Jessica Swift!

Good Night!

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Well I just wanted to say what a great show Living Walls put on last night at Eye drum. It was really exciting to see all this really great big work from artists from all over the world! I was blown away-I hope all you out of town artists enjoyed our city and thanks for all the great work you left behind!

Keep a look out on Thoughtmarker-Mike's been documenting all the art around the city-I can't wait to take a look at all the pieces I haven't been able to locate yet.



old english vs MLK

Thanks OE for letting MLK rock his own wall.
xo Kelly

Harlequin and the Hare

Our August 7th opening of Harlequin and the Hare includes two inspiring artists, Ruth Marks and Sarah Watts! A collaboration of Watts' dainty paintings and Marks' intriguing blank faced characters becomes a whimsical show when brought together. Come see Michigan artist Ruth and native Atlantan Sarah in a circus of color and pretty faces before the closing night of the show August 29th.
More photos from the opening and of the artists' enchanting pieces here!

Friday, August 13, 2010

books, zines, and art (oh my)

Happy [almost Saturday], guys!

I've been on the road all day, and am just now able to catch a breather in front of the laptop. After spending a few days at the beach, during most of which I was sick, I had the privilege of being a backseat driver rather than the one behind the wheel. The sick card was successfully and shamelessly pulled in order to avoid 6 hours of driving. It was nice to be able to read a book and a magazine instead of fighting sleep up front; and let me go ahead and confess that I just bought 3 books from Barnes and Noble, and am currently in the midst of David Foster Wallace's Broom of the System.

I was drawn to the book by its cover, illustrated by Duke Riley.

Although not many novels, Young Blood always has some fun, artistic books in stock, including titles such as Young, Sleek, and Full of Hell. We have a huge stockpile of Ex Libris journals, which are made from used books of all kinds, so you can write your own story or memories.

We also always have zines and magazines on hand, with kitschy zines like "Sky Mall" and "Everybody's Book of Kittens" by Gemma Correll, and mags like Art Papers for your art-lusting pleasure.

One of Gemma's cute cat illustrations.

Enjoy your weekend everybody, and go read a book!



Every year (give or take) when Friday the 13th rolls around tons of tattoo shops do lucky 13 tattoos.. and for only $13! This year our friends at Only You Tattoo are doing some!

Here's how it goes:

Open 11AM-Midnight (13 HOURS OF TATTOOING)

First come- first served!

There will be a waiting list- no appointments

These are the only choices of tattoos available for the day and the only available at OYT!

There will be a drink special next door at Tin Lizzy's for anyone that gets tattooed!

$13 + $7 tip= $20 TATTOO

Cash Only!

So come out! Get a little something special :)

xo, jen

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sneak Peak of Next Month's Show: Sanithna Phansavanh!

I have an especially good feeling about this next show. Sanithna's work is based on superstitions around the world, something we Southerners have definitely contributed to.

In Sanithna's own words, from his blog, The Prince and the Thief:

Knock on Wood” explores superstitions, charms, and talismans. Drawings and paintings, inspired by beliefs from around the world, catalogue various actions, thoughts, and objects that attempt to relieve fear and uncertainty.

My brothers-in-arms, Modern Skirts, will be giving a very special and free performance. Trust me, they are homegrown, bona fide rockstars. Ask them about opening for R.E.M.

The soundtrack for the gallery viewing will be provided by my friend Alex Goose. Some of you folks may know him better as the guy who created The Blueprint 3 Outtakes, music that Jay-Z (unbelieveably) did not use on his last album.

A special project with my long-time buddy Tim Haught and his StreetLocal folks, one of Atlanta’s highly respected brands, will be released that night. I dare you to find something new and grand that they don’t already know about.

Also, keep your eyes peeled for some goodness from my-sister-from-a-different-mister, Dehanza Rogers, aka her celluloid self. When she’s not being Documentary Filmmaker Champ, you can find her in UCLA’s ├╝ber-elite MFA Film Program.

Love and black cats 'til next Wed,