Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Say goodbye to Glenwood Avenue...

Thanks for all the good years!
Our old space is almost empty and now we plan to get it cleaned up and rented out. Give us a shout if you know of anyone that needs a space for something like an office or other low foot trafficked biz!

We have lots of restructuring to do over the next few months and want to hear from you in the meantime. What are changes you think we should make? What should stay the same? Input, please!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

New news and YARD SALE!!

Hey everybody! We're still plugging away at finding our perfect new location! We've got a few places we're looking at and trying to decide which one is the BEST! BUT...we are having an indoor yard sale at the Glenwood spot next Saturday from 9 am -3pm to get rid of some stuff we're not gonna need in the new spot. We've got abandoned art and abandoned boutique items as well! I'm sure you'll find a treasure! SO come and hang out with us next Saturday and buy some junk.